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Enea Stefan
Iulia Minecan
Medium experience in Java OOP( Intellij ), LInux Administration Server and basic knowledge in C++ and Pyhton
Medium experience in Java OOP( Intellij ), LInux Administration Server and basic knowledge in C++ and Pyhton
  • Deva, Romania
  • 08/05/2023

Good afternoon,

My name is Mihai Alexandru Stefan, and I am currently a student at Polytechnics University in Timisoara. I am looking forward of being part of your team mainly because I am an ambitious and hard-working person in which regards this field of IT.

To begin with, not only me, but also my family and teachers were aware of my skills in which regards this field of IT even from the start. Although I never had a good financial support in order to develop more my skills, I tried my best to get to understand multiple languages regarding the IT sector, consequently at the moment I am able to work and understand not only at a basic level, but also at a more advanced level ,languages as:
Basic understanding of Python (which I was trying to learn on my own mainly out of pure curiosity and devotion regarding this field)
Basic understanding and knowledge of Linux OS (CentOS andor RedHat)
LVM basic understanding
Networking basic understanding.
Familiar with User management and File Directory management

Second of all, despite of my lack of financial support I was able to write small pieces of code for different programs, unfortunately because I had to work hard in order not to lose my place at the budget at the university, I was not able to finish them completely.
However, beside my technical skills and my self-determination to learn new things on my own, I also own skills in which regards teamwork. Due to the fact that not only during my high school years, but also during my first year of university, I was actively involved in the student’s league of Polytechnics University of Timisoara. I always enjoyed working with other people mainly because I consider that every person can teach me something valuable not only in which regards my job, but also in which regards life. Furthermore, I am, and I always have been a verry open minded person that out of pure passion was able to learn new things and develop new skills in a verry short time.

To sum up with, I am looking forward to work and develop my skills more in order to be an efficient and valuable worker in your company. I appreciate verry much your time spent on reading my cover letter.

Best regards,
Yours faithfully, Mihai Alexandru Stefan.

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Mecatronics and Robotics @ University of Politehnica Timisoara
sept. 2020 — Current

Working with robots and AI

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