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Cristian-Ioan Crisan
Andrei Luca
Cristian-Ioan Crisan
Andrei Luca
Network Engineer
  • Timisoara, Romania
  • 19/07/2021

Resourceful and determined network engineer skilled in maintaining, troubleshooting and optimizing network performance.

Adept at diagnosing and resolving operational issues. Excited to use technical
skills to improve both employee productivity and customer experience.

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Network interoperability in telecommunications – a practical approach @ Savnet Training Center
iul. 2021 — aug. 2021
CCNA: Enterprise Networking, Security, and Automation - M3 @ Savnet Training Center
iul. 2021 — mai 2021

CCNA: Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials - M2 @ Savnet Training Center
oct. 2020 — ian. 2022

CCNA: Introduction to Networks - M1 @ Savnet Training Center
iun. 2020 — oct. 2021

Master's degree @ West University of Timisoara - Archaeology
sept. 2013 — iul. 2015
Licentiate degree @ West University of Timisoara - History
sept. 2010 — iun. 2013


Network Engineer @ Atos IT Solutions and Services A/S
mart. 2020 — Current

- Provide guidance inside Aplication Hosting Solutions for incidents and issues to which I have been
notified by customers or by monitoring systems.
- Ticketing system oppertation
- Troubleshoot issues
- Assure the operation of Hardware and Software systems
- Conduct all preparative actions in order to ensure full operation and availability of the environment
- Take all preparative actions to ensure the quality and continuous optimization
- Analyzes and solves technical problems related to the proper functioning of the systems involved

Telecomunication Network Engineer @ Nokia
ian. 2019 — mart. 2020

- Making detailed plans in AutoutoCADCAD for telecom sites 2G, 3G, 4G. for telecom sites 2G, 3G, 4G.
- Describe and analyse the functionality and the interoperability of the equipment belonging to different telecom technologies (telecom technologies (3G, 4G, IP, fiber optics and microwaves)
- Understand and describe the roles of the protocol layers, IPv4 addressing and subnetting, the roles of the protocol layers
- Understand basic switching and routing concepts and operations
- Build simple topologies using routers and switches (design and troubleshooting)
- Creates, adapts and configures remotelyremotely by creating scripts (command files) of software resources for IT and telecommunication equipment of customers according to their needs
-Analyzes and solves technical problems related to the proper functioning of the systems involved

Geomatician @ Black Light Ltd
apr. 2016 — nov. 2018

- Sales Autodesk selling Autodesk products, providing support and training;
- providing training for the use of 3D laser scan products to German, Hungarian, and Romanian companies.
- support in solving problems both in the scanning process and in projects with 3D laser scanners,harware (firware,update and error), software(bugfix, worflow and specific software issues);
- web site (product update on the web platform);
- data entry, companies, products on the crm platform (vtiger);
- database: (Microsoft Acces) project management and data entry into the database;
- attending presentations, making presentations with products sold by Black Light;
- participation in high-precision topographical measurements, Hydroelectric Power Station (iron gates I, and iron gates II);
- Technical services (just about any problem in the company related to technical issues, computer or or
marketing equipment sold by the company)
- Support level 1 and Level 2;
- 3D Design, digitization projects using the photogrammetry technique
- project-based GIS development for local authorities (city hall);

Computer Operator @ S.C. Datagroup INT S.R.L.
nov. 2014 — nov. 2015

- book digitization using Optical character recognition (OCR) with specific software;
- Photo editor - Photoshop - creating scripts for editing semi-automatic photos (color correction, edge
trimming, cleaning after scanning);
- managing projects (databases and tracking their progress);

Research assistant in Archaeology @ Arheovest Association Timisoara
oct. 2013 — oct. 2014

- making and managing a database of archaeological sites discovered, spatial management of these
data (GIS);
- participating in a European heritage management project aimed at uniformizing archaeological
language (Ariadne) my role was to report on what has been done within the project based on tasks
and a predefined schedule:
- how many sites were discovered in a certain period, age, culture, geographic data, specialized
bibliography, all the data that could be collected.
- preparing the database with these in an xml format;
- 3D Design, digitization projects using the photogrammetry technique;

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